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Hi! This is the second version of Cover Drive wiki (as my little brother hacked Chewoosexysquirrel and put it up for adoption.) It will be the same but with a lil more info on my fave band. Please comment on my works (I would apreciate it so that I know if I am good or bad). Find me on Youtube, Twitter and Moshi Monsters (ALL my usernames are Coverdrivegirl) and watch out cuz I just might PRANK YA! And in case ya didn't know, this wiki is named after Cover Drive's debut album, Bajan Style. My fave member is Amanda Reifer (the lead singer and only girl!) If ya wanna read about Cover Drive in a story, be sure to look at my fanfic, The Chipettes, Vanessa The Chipette and Cover Drive, on (I have inclueded songs from Cover Drive, Rita Ora, Rhianna, Maroon 5, No Doubt and many other bands and singers.) I have set the fanfic in Barbados (where Cover Drive are from)and one of the chipmunks join Cover Drive (making Amanda not the only girl!) Anyway, I hope ya like my wikis, and if ya wanna know, Cover Drive have a website which is

Lol, Coverdrivegirl!

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On this wiki you will find info about the band, lyrics to the songs and find out what the songs mean!

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